Q Fil Tool

Qfil Tool Is Qualcomm Image Loader Tool, with its help you can flash All types of Qualcomm CPU Android Phones, With the help of this tool,

you can recover phones that are dead during the software, you can also Update and Downgrade the software Of Any Qualcomm phone,

Q Fil Tool Info

SupportedAll Qualcomm Smartphone
Firmware SupportImage loader
Supported WindowAll Windows 32/64 Bit
Zip PasswordNo zip Password
DownloadFree Downloading

Q Fil Tool Is An Unlock Tool

Qfil tool is not an Unlocking tool, with the help of this tool you cannot remove any phone, pin, pattern, password or FRP lock This Is Only a Firmware Flashing Tool

note that when software is installed on any phone, the pin pattern and password lock is automatically removed from the phone after the software is installed,

while the FRP lock is not removed, so if you want to remove a phone lock like pin, password, then with the help of this tool, you can remove it after Updating Firmware

The Tool Flash QCN File ?

you can write any Qualcomm Phone QCN File Using This Qfil Tool, first you have to enable phone diagnostic Mode after enabling diagnostic Mode

Connect phone With PC, Now Go To tool And Select QCN Backup restore select QCN File after Selecting QCN File Flash Writing start

Can we Flash Firmware In diagnostic Mode?

Diagnostic mode Not A Software Installing Mode With This Mode You can Write QCN File Repair IMEI And Other

How To Flash Firmware
How To Flash
How To Flash

First Of All You Need Download A Correct Model Firmware and Unpack it in a Folder, Now Download Qualcomm USB Drivers

Install USB Drivers in your PC, Now Unzip Tool And Run Tool Exe, Load File On Flash Tool, Power Off Phone And Put In EDL Mode

there are tow way to put the phone in EDL mode, some phone have volume buttons that put them into EDL Mode

and some phone test points shorted to and put into EDL mode After shorting EDL Points Connect Phone With PC Via

USB Data Cable And Click Flash

Why The Firmware Flashing Fail ?

there are many reasons Firmware for Flashing Failure, some of them are mostly the following

1: First Check that the cable you used to connect to pc is a data cable and the correct cable

2: Check your computer’s Drivers to make sure the drivers yo have installed are the latest version and are working properly

3: check that the keys or points you are shorting for EDL Mode are correct, if not, press the correct keys or short EDL Points

Frequently Asked Questions

1 : Can I use Q Fil Tool for multiple websites?

yes you can use for multiple websites

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