UMT Is The best unlocking and flashing tool when it comes to pais tool, This Tool is not designed for specific Phones or Rether, it is built based on a CPU, With the help of this MTK tool you can read and write firmware, and unlock any kind of MediaTek smartphone,

the feature of this tool is that you can unlock the phone in ways through it, like Unlock with meta mode, download mode, and test point with its help, you can unlock a phone bootloader and relock, remove the MI Account, Reset Factory reset protection, formate FS, Rad backup security, Samsung KG Remove, Remove Huawei ID, reset Oppo id, Fix Xiaomi Relock, Patch DM verify, unlock FRP oppo, vivo Samsung, MI, Huawei, Tecno, Fix Tool DLL Image Fail and others


MTK V5.1 is an older Version With More MTK model-supported This Tool is Divided into 4 Sections

1 Flasher

2 Tool/ FRP

3 MTK One Click

4 Partition Manager


This part is Designed To Flash Firmware, you can Flash Any Mediatek Smartphone By Using the Scatter Firmware

Tool and FRP

this is the biggest part where a lot of features have been added, This Section has a lot of meta Mode Option

  • Factory Reset Phone Meta Mode 1
  • Factory Reset Metat Mode 2
  • Oppo Phone Factory Reset With Meta Mode
  • Vivo Phone Factory Reset With Meta Mode
  • Formate FS
  • Erase FS
  • Safe Formate FS
  • Tool DLL Image Error Fail Fix
  • Reset Phone Lock
  • Disable Phone Locks
  • MI Account Reset
  • Remove FRP Lock
  • Backup NVRAM
  • Restore NVRAM
  • Formate NVRAM File
  • IMEI Repair Boot Mode
  • IMEI Repair Meta Mode
  • Read Phone Info
  • Disable Locks With ADB Mode
  • install Niavigation Bar
One Click Unlock

This is A Very Cool Feature, here you can unlock FRP, Pin Pattern, and Password.

Lock Any Mediatek Phone With a Single Click

  • Reset MI Account
  • Remove Orange State (Oppo)
Download UMT Support Access
UMT MTK2 Version 0.8 Download

Requirements For Using This Tool

This Tool is made Specially for window computers, so you will need a computer

and will have to buy a UMT dongle, apart from this you have to install UMT Dongle Drivers

And Mediatek USB Drivers, also, you will need a USB data cable to connect your phone to the computer

Supported Functions:
– Firmware Read/Write
– Security Read/Write
– RPMB Read/Write
– Vivo Security Repair

– formate User date

  • erase FRP Owner Verification
  • Reset User Lock
  • Patch DM Verify
  • Partition Manager
  • Erase Xiaomi Account
  • Flash Firmware
  • Auto Detect Phone
  • One Click Unlock
  • Repair IMEI
  • Format NV Data

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