3U Tool

In this digital age, our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives,

while the number of Android Phone users is quite high,

there is also a long list of iPhone Users,

it is very easy for Android phone users to transfer data between a PC And Mobile Phone,

but transferring data like photos, videos, and apps, to iPhone was not an easy task,

But 3utool Immediately overcome all these problems, from jailbreak to system recovery,

all problems are solved by a single tool

Lets us take a look at some of its features

3U Tool Info

3U Tool

Tool Name3UTool
Designed ForIphone I tab And I watch
File ManagementYes with the help of this, you can

transfer data between PC And phone

Flashing and RestoringYes
Jailbreaking Made EasyYes
DownloadFree Downloading
3U tool compatibleWindows And MAC
Supported BIT Both Bit Support 32/64
Delete invalid IconYes You can Delete Invalid Icon easily
3uAirPlayer addedyes play video and audio with this player
Jailbreak iPhone & iPadyes you can Jailbreak iPhone & iPad with 3utool

Easy To Install And use

the use of 3utool is very simple and easy, with the help of this tool you can transfer video,

audio, photo, and other files

you can update IOS and restore any iPhone device with this tool easily

Convert Videos Using 3uTools?

If you have downloaded a video from the internet and your iPhone Player

doesn’t support that video, then don’t worry, 3Utool now also has a video

convert feature that allows you to convert video to your iPhone format

Create Backup

With The help of 3utool, you can create a backup of almost all data from

your iPhone and iPad

Compress Photo Using 3uTools?

Phone storage is a very important matter, the more the phone’s storage,

the more things you can add to it, and the less storage used, the faster

the phone will work, 3utool includes a photo compressor tool to use less

the iPhone storage, using this tool you can reduce the size of your phone

photos without reducing their quality and save your phone storage

Itunes Added

Itunes has been added to the latest version of 3utool if you want to use iTunes,

you have to go to another tool and select Itunes from here


Q1. Is 3utool compatible with the latest iPhone?

Ans: yes

Q2. Is jailbreaking iPhone with 3utool safe?

Ans: yes

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