MTK USB Drivers Download

any phone need drivers to connect to a PC, Different phones have different drivers, But here we talk about MTK SB Drivers

if you want to Install software your phone through PC or Want To Unlock Phone And Data Transfer then the drivers Must Be

installed in your computer


if we talk about MTK Phones, then MTK Smartphone is not a company name,

but different companies use MTK chipset in their smartphones, the phone in which

this chip is used are called MTK Phone,

What are The MTK Drivers

whenever you connect a phone to a computer, it only charge, if you want to install software

in your phone, and unlock phone or data transfer between PC and Mobile Then you need to

install Drivers, drivers actually help you to access  the phone after install which you can perform

specific tasks on the phone

MTK Drivers Information

Tool Name MTK USB Drivers
Supported All Mediatek Devices, For MTP, ADB And download Mode
Drivers Version Latest Drivers
Supported Window All Windows 32/64 Bit
Zip Password No zip Password
Download Free Downloading


Install Mediatek USB Drivers

to install MTK Drivers Is very simple and easy first unpack From Zip, now open Drivers exe

and Follow the exe guideline and to complete installing after installed drivers reboot

PC and Use It


1 where to download latest MTK USB drivers from?

we provide a link you can download from

2 Can I install MTK phone drivers without an internet ?

yes you can install drivers without internet

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